Kunzea serotina PB3



Common/Maori name(s): kānuka, makahikātoa 

Kunzea serotina is a tough tree that is found in large stands in montane and intermontane regions of Central Otago but largely absent south of the kawarau gorge. It is a fairly small tree that grows in a columnar shape 2 - 4m wide and 3 - 20m high. In very exposed and dry areas it's unlikely to reach it's heighest potential. It has a natural bushy shape with branches at the base. This tree has small white flowers almost identical to manuka from November to May, peaking in mid summer. Like manuka these flowers are very attractive to bees, moths, beetles and geckos. They also create perfect environments for birds to build nests. A useful plant for revegetation projects as it grows well in poor conditions and can create shelter for plants less resilient to wind and frost. They are also resistent to browsing . Prefers full sun in well drained soil. Will tolerate poor, rocky soil and is drought tolerant when established. Very tolerant to wind and frost.

Height of grade at sale: 30cm

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