Carmichaelia petriei PB6.5



Common/Maori name(s): Desert Broom 

Desert broom is an important plant of dryland scrub and high country landscapes. Not to be confused with the exotic weed broom, desert broom is endemic to New Zealand and does not spread invasively like exotic broom. This plant is a nitrogen fixer meaning it absorbs nitrogen from the air, this means it can grow in very poor soils where other plants cannot. Interestingly desert broom doesn't usually have leaves, it photosynthesises from its many flat bright green stems making it look similar to coral. In spring it is covered in small purple and white pea like flowers which attract native bees. It grows to 2m high by 2m wide. Can be used to great effect as added interest among tussocks without being domineering. Plant in full sun to part shade in well drained soil. Protect from stock and rabbits as it is quite palatable. Tolerates poor, rocky soil, high winds, frost and drought when established.

Height of grade at sale: 30cm

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