Carex petriei PB3



Common/Maori name(s): Petrie's Sedge 

Carex Petriei is a small evergreen sedge that grows to 40cm high and wide. The red/ bronze leaves on this sedge makes it very attractive and useful for contrasting with other foliage. It's a small and neat plant that is ideal for smaller borders. Carex petriei prefers a site in full sun or part shade with moist or wet soil. This endemic plant can be found growing throughout New Zealand and is found in the Queenstown Lakes district. It grows in the mountains and subapline ares around ponds, lakes and seepages making it ideal for small ponds and riparian plantings. However, it is not limited to wet areas and can be grown in the garden provided the soil doesn't totally dry out. Very hardy to frosts down to minus 10 degrees celsius.

Height of grade at sale: 15cm

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