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Common/Maori name(s): Whipcord HebeĀ 

Hebe Karo Golden Esk is a whipcord hebe meaning that its leaves are small and flat to the stem. This gives the plant a conifer like appear. However unlike a conifer Hebe Karo Golden Esk will produce small white flowers on the ends of the stems at the end of spring. What sets this Hebe apart from other Hebes is its winter colour turning gold from its normal bright green. It is a small evergreen shrub growing up to 40cm high and 80cm wide making it ideal for small borders. It grows compact and tidy requiring little maintenance. Hebe Karo Golden Esk will prefer a moist but well drained soil, a bark/woodchip mulch and compost added to the planting hole will help acheive this. It will tolerate full sun with enough moisture and part shade in drier situations. Plants in full sun will have a more intense winter colouration. Frost hardy to minus 10 celsius and hardy to wind.

Height of grade at sale: 20cm

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