Corokia cotoneaster PB6.5



Common/Maori name(s): Korokio, Wire netting bush 

Corokia cotoneaster is a tough shrub that can be found in many locations throughout New Zealand and the lakes district. Locally they can be found in high altitude areas and exposed rocky areas. Abundant bright berries change the hue of this bush from its usually browny grey in late autumn/winter. Berry colours can be yellow, orange or red. It is an important food source for birds and lizards usually being eaten when all other food has been exhausted. Corokia cotoneaster can reach 3m high and wide but is slow growing on poor soils, its size is easily managed. Due to its dense evergreen growth it makes an effective hedge, screen or topiary. Fruiting is also not stopped by trimming. Plant in a sunny site with a well draining soil. Drought and wind tolerant. Very frost hardy when established.

Height of grade at sale: 25cm

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