Coprosma lucida PB6.5



Common/Maori name(s): Shining Karamu 

Coprosma lucida is a glossy green evergreen shrub can be found growing along the lake edge of Wanaka and Wakatipu. Can grow up to 6m high by 3m wide. Similar in appearance to broadleaf but won't grow into a large tree. Has bright orange berries in autumn which are an important food source for birds. Prefers organic rich soils that remain moist throughout the summer. Add compost when planting and mulch thickly. If soil remains moist it can tolerate full sun and wind otherwise part shade and shelter is preferred. Hardy to minus 5c. Similar to Coprosma robusta but Coprosma lucida is hardier to frost and is locally more common.

Height of grade at sale: 30cm

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