Agapanthus 'Peter Pan' PB6.5



Common/Maori name(s): Peter PanĀ 

A choice cultivar of Agapanthus, Peter Pan is a dwarf form drowing to 40cm high and wide. in summer blue firework like clusters of flowers are held on stalks above strappy grass like evergreen foliage. For best growth and flowering plant in a sunny position sheltered from wind. Prefers fertile, moist but well drained soil so add lots of compost when planting and mulch. Hardy to -10c but may get some damage past this. Straw can be used to cover and protect the plant if it gets too cold.

Height of grade at sale: 20cm

Stock level indication: Stock limited

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SKU: AgPePa-PB65 TAGS: Exotic, Semi-Evergreen, H4, Drought tolerant, Herbaceous, Rocky Outcrops

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