Sophora microphylla PB6.5



Common/Maori name(s): South Island Kowhai 

Beautiful small native tree that is the only naturally occuring kowhai in central otago. Mainly known for its abundant yellow flowers in spring and it's importance to nectar feeding birds such as tui and bellbirds. Grows to approximately 8m - 20m high and 3 - 15m wide. Sophora microphylla has an interesting twiggy juvenile growth with tiny leaves which progresses into larger leaves and a more typical tree shape upon reching 2.5 - 3m tall. It has been theorized that this was to protect itself from predation from the moa and or to protect from dry climates with high irradiance. Hardy to wind and frosts but may lose leaves in colder areas. Tolerant to a wide range of soil conditions, it is found growing alongside streams and rivers and in rocky dry areas. In consistently moist conditions Kowhai will reach its full height in dry conditions it may be stunted and remain a small tree.

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