Pseudopanax ferox PB6.5



Common/Maori name(s): Toothed Lancewood 

Lancewoods are striking in their juvenile form resembling the shape of an arrow fin. Leaves are long and toothed, dark green-brown with a brown stripe through the middle. Once around 3m in height leaves will broaden turn up and branches will begin to form eventually growing to 5m high by 2m wide. Unlike P. crassifolius this tree prefers drier locations. Plant in full sun - part shade in well drained soil. Slower growing than crassifolius reaching 1.5m in 5 years. Hardy but still may need some protection from the hardest frosts when very young.

Height of grade at sale: 40cm

Stock level indication: Sold out - Next batch will be ready approx November 2024
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